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Tech Tips from Ashton Michael Corey

Need some guidance on how to make the most of your online singing presence?  Ashton Michael Corey will be teaching a new Singnasium summer offering:  Put Your Best Face Forward. Here are some quick tips to give you a taste of what to expect!

  • Tip 1:  When recording vocals, you usually want to be about 6-8 inches away from the microphone. The further away you are, the more background noise and room reverberation you’ll record. If you get extremely close to a microphone you’ll notice the lower frequencies seem to be more prevalent, this is known as proximity effect. Proximity effect is a valuable tool that’s used by voice over artists and singers to achieve an intimate and tone-rich sound like that of crooners Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.
  • Tip 2:  Pop filters are a must have for recording vocals. Pop filters come in many varieties, but the most common is a hoop shaped frame with a thin fabric stretched across the middle like a drum head. They’re placed between the vocalist and the microphone to prevent bursts of air (often produced by plosives like the “P” sound) from directly hitting the microphone and causing a loud POP sound.

You can learn more from Ashton by signing up for Put Your Best Face Forward.

June 06, 2020 — Bluedge USA Collaborator