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Keeping the arts ALIVE by helping vocal artists THRIVE in New York City. The mission of non-profit Singnasium is to provide a safe, non-judgmental
place for artists and singers, of all levels, to fully explore their creative selves. It is designed to provide support, embrace diversity, and offer eye-opening new ways for those who love to sing of becoming a more well-rounded musician. With classes and workshops spanning all aspects of vocal performance, Singnasium will utilize the best possible teaching artists and support personnel that the New York arts community has to offer, as well as provide outreach to the next generation of music and voice artists.

Lennie Watts, Artistic Director and CEO, Singnasium NYC

After teaching and directing in NYC for nearly 30 years, award-winning vocalist, director, producer, and actor Lennie Watts teamed up with Kim Grogg Marin, and John Koprowski to give your voice a workout and get your singing career in shape. Combining the two words, sing and gymnasium, the almost lyrical blend resulted in Singnasium.

On May 16, 2017, the nonprofit organization, Singnasium launched with all the flash and fabulousness of a cabaret production featuring a line-up of star performers who literally set the stage for entertainment, fund and awareness raising.

Today, Singnasium is in full swing welcoming those who love to sing to our NYC organization every day. And the future looks promising with scouts on the hunt for a headquarters location somewhere in the bright lights, big city of New York. Ideas are brewing for a recording studio and a library of audio and sheet music, all accessible to students. As a nonprofit group, Singnasium relies on the generosity of donations large and small. Funds raised will significantly further the advancement of the unique music education we offer and support the community through specific programs and scholarships. 

Board Members

Lennie Watts
Artistic Director/President
Kim Grogg
Board Member
Eve Eaton
Board Member
Justin Dylan Nastro
Board Member
Wendy Russell
Finance Director
Jenn Bornstein



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Master Series
Sing Your Story
ZEN Singing - Being in the Zone
The Training Room
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