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We’ve all heard the expression, “From the mouths of babes…”, and at Singnasium we take that to heart. Everyone has a story to tell. In this program, students are given the tools to tell their own personal stories. Joyful to sad, funny to heartwarming, participants are encouraged and empowered to turn their thoughts and experiences into music. With the guidance of Singnasium Teaching Artists, each child will write a song and perform it. Students will also explore vocal techniques, story telling exercises, and group singing.

“I used to be so angry, and no one ever knew,
because I looked so happy, 
but underneath my sadness grew.
My smile hid my fears; my laughter hid my tears. 
My joy hid my pain: I thought I’d go insane. 
But now, my life is changing. I’m healing day by day now. 
I knew I couldn’t stand it. 
I feel I’m on my way now.
I’ve been through a lot,
I’ve seen a lot,
And I know a lot.”
Lyrics by Kiane Solano-Benedit
Age 11
Created at the Singnasium After School Outreach Program
at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep


EVERY GIFT is an investment in our vocalists, educators, and the future of Singnasium. Through your generosity, we keep the singing arts alive and help singers thrive by underwriting the costs of educators’ salaries, classes, and workshops. These funds also support community outreach just like this one and scholarship programs.