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Kim’s Corner

Hello Friends,

Masks may be required when we venture out, but while we’re at home, I encourage you to turn on the music and Sing Out Louise! Now is the time to let music be your companion and wrap you in love.

There are so many people in our community who are singing out and helping to keep us strong. Check out our fabulous teaching artist, Gabrielle Stravelli, and her Live FaceBook concerts on Saturdays. Or take a peek at Singnasium student, John Burns, and his kitchen concerts. And what about all the Singnasium singers who made Stephen Mosher’s Broadway World Pandemic Playlist! (Gerrilyn Sohn, Rian Keating, Roberta Feldhusen, Lynda Rodolitz and Helane Blumfield, just to name a few!) All of this to say, there is a lot of entertainment out there which can lift your spirits and connect you to others. 

The Singnasium Board realizes the need to keep music our homes and in our hearts. With that in mind, we have taken steps to offer online classes and retool our upcoming summer and fall sessions. We continue to keep our mission front and center: Keeping the arts alive by helping vocal artists thrive. 

To keep the arts alive AND to keep the proverbial lights on, we need your help. 

  • Stay in touch with us! Look for us on Facebook and Instagram and check out our website for new classes and important information. Say hello! Check in! Let us know what you are singing and how you are being creative. Share with us your favorite shelter-in-place activity or recipe of a favorite dish (Joan Darragh, I am talking to you!)
  • Make a Donation. Tuesday, May 5th, was the National Day of Giving and Unity. Money was raised to support our first responders, front-line workers and non-profit organizations who are struggling. Singnasium may not be a first responder, but we do play an important part in nourishing and feeding the souls of people who are affected by this crisis. You can help us keep the arts alive during this time by donating. Any gift is truly appreciated. You can donate by going to 
  • Support us on Amazon Smile. I don’t know about you, but I am doing a lot of online shopping for necessities and I always use my Amazon Smile account in support of Singnasium.  (Simply type in your browser and choose Singnasium in the "Supporting" drop down).
  • Become a recurring donor. We can help set up a monthly giving plan that works within your budget. 

Let me end by saying, we are forever grateful for all gifts and donations. We have to stay collectively strong and with your help we can do that through music and song! Oh yeah...and a good cookie recipe!



May 2020 -  by Kim Grogg, President

May 03, 2020 — Eve Eaton