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Students Doing the Spectacular: Ann Talman

Beyond taking our classes and connecting with the broader Singnasium community, our students often floor us with their talents.  Ann Talman is one of those students.

Ann is currently taking Swing Time 1 and 2 and loving it!  But before enrolling in Singnasium, Ann put together an amazing one-woman show that was made into an equally amazing, award winning short film about her brother who courageously battled cerebral palsy. 

The synopsis of the film captures it perfectly: "Family legend is that Ann was 'ordered up' in 1957 by Woody, eight and severely cerebral palsied. He did not want to be alone in the world if anything happened to mom and dad. Being non-verbal was no obstacle.  He’d touch mother’s stomach and dad’s lap and wave his hands like wands. She was nicknamed Woody’s Order! Her destiny: 'To be thy brother’s keeper just in case.' In childhood she embraced it. Woody was a real live doll to care for.  But she had another destiny. At twenty-two she debuted on Broadway as Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter. She wrote a hit solo play which opened in her hometown, Pittsburgh. This short film, which premiered at Tribeca, captures Ann performing portions of the solo play for Woody on a New York stage. Interwoven are stunning home movies that capture their lifelong bond."

We feel very privileged to share this beautiful tribute with all of you, but ask that you do not share more broadly (e.g., please do not post to social media, etc.)

Watch Woody's Order (16:15 min).

February 11, 2021 — Eve Eaton