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Center of Song Workshop with Lisa Viggiano


Center of a Song Workshop:

Lisa Viggiano offers brain-based techniques for vocals, performance, and heart for all genres of music. Bring a song to work on, and we will target improving your ability to share and connect with your voice and heart. Lisa is an award-winning vocalist, speech/voice therapist & coach, Sounds True Certified meditation teacher, & Singing Athlete ™ certified instructor. 


Lisa Viggiano is an award winning singer, a voice teacher, meditation teacher, AND a speech therapist! Lisa’s group classes encompass all-things-voice, performance, and mindfulness to empower & elevate the artist. Lisa has performed in theatres and clubs nationwide, from the legendary Don’t Tell Mama, to Lincoln Center, to the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. She has a Master of Arts from NYU in speech-language pathology, is a certified Sounds True mindfulness meditation teacher, and is a certified instructor of The Singing Athlete™️. Lisa brings decades of experience, as she has been performing professionally since childhood & teaching voice since the age of 17.  Most of all, Lisa is thrilled to join the dynamic and inspiring Singnasium community!

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST
October 28 
AMDA Studios 244/250 W 54 Street
Teaching Artist: Lisa Viggiano  



S=singer I=inspire N=nurture G=grow E=empower R=raise the bar