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Piano for Singers - ONLINE


Picture this: You've got an idea with a song, but you can't play the piano. If you had only continued those piano lessons in 4th grade... 
This is the class for you! Piano for Singers is designed to provide singers with at least a little piano background quick and efficient ways to cut to the chase and fake your way to the top. Come learn how to be a more self-sufficient musician and singer in a fun, fast-paced, but individually mindful class where experimentation is the key to success. We'll have you playing and singing in no time--well in 6 weeks to be exact! Ask those who have already taken the course--yes, they've performed for the first time on a real stage, accompanying themselves!
*All class participants must have a piano or keyboard for this class. 


7:00-9:30 PM ET
January 31-March 7 (6 weeks)
Zoom Room
Teaching Artist: Jerry Phelps
Max Enrollment: 8


S=singer I=inspire N=nurture G=grow E=empower R=raise the bar