3 Week Comedy Song Performance Workshop with Sharon McNight


Dying is easy; comedy is hard” is an ancient truth. Making people laugh is hard work. “Entertaining” is the primary function of performance. Explore all the levels and types of comedy in song and word with a girl chosen by her high school classmates as “Wittiest of 19 . . .: none of your business! --SHARON McNIGHT

Singnasium presents a "Special 3 session Comedy Song Performance Workshop" with MAC Lifetime Achievement, Bistro, Broadway World & Nightlife Award Winner & Tony Nominee Sharon McNight!

Each participant will be asked to tell a joke.

Each participant will work with tracks that they provide.

Each participant will be asked to send lyric sheets of their chosen songs in advance.

Saturdays (3 weeks)
February 20, March 20, April 17
3:00-5:30PM EST
Zoom Room
Instructor: Sharon McNight


S=singer I=inspire N=nurture G=grow E=empower R=raise the bar